Personal Recovery Policy

Each member is required to work a personal program of recovery while at  FOUNDATIONS IN RECOVERY. The following program guidelines are to help members build a strong foundation in recovery and a strong network in the recovery community. I agree as a member of FOUNDATIONS IN RECOVERY, to abide by and comply with the following terms and conditions:

1. Attend a minimum of one 12‑step meeting per day for the first ninety days, followed by five 12‑step meetings a week thereafter.

2. Maintain a meeting attendance sheet for the first ninety days of enrollment in FOUNDATIONS IN RECOVERY to provide a method of confirming meeting attendance, and to promote networking in the recovery community. These sheets are to be signed by other attendees at the 12‑step meetings, and not other members of FOUNDATIONS IN RECOVERY.

3. Obtain the official literature of the 12‑step fellowship(s) you participate in. (AA Big Book,  NA Basic Text etc.).

4. Within the first two weeks of admission, obtain a sponsor who must have a minimum of one year continuous recovery. The resident program manager must be provided with the sponsor’s contact information, and may contact the sponsor to ascertain the member’s level of participation and commitment in working a program of recovery.

5. Within the first two weeks of admission, join a 12‑step home group, and provide the resident manager with the name, location and contact information of a person who will confirm your participation in the home group.



Download Personal Recovery Policy of Tampa Foundations In Recovery LLC

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